Our Vision

The vision for Childfree Vacations is to become a collective website about child-free travel with articles written by childfree people from all over the world, sharing their own experiences, and travel tips.

We are on a mission to help childfree travelers discover adult-focused destinations, connect with specialized travel experts, and explore the world with their unique lifestyle in mind.

"The Childfree Life" Time magazine

About our audience

Why childfree travelers matter

CHILDFREE refers to people who do not have and, usually, never plan to have children. They earn more money and have more disposable income than their parental counterparts.

  • 71% of adults do not live with children
  • 37% of adults under 50 do not plan to ever have children
  • Childfree households earn 10% more income than households with children
  • The average cost of raising a child to 17 yrs old in the U.S. is $235,000 or nearly $14,000 per year

Most importantly…


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About the Founder

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’m a married DINK (Double Income No Kids) living in Frisco, Texas. After a 15-year career in the travel industry, including 8 years at TripAdvisor. I started this site because I couldn’t find an open, online resource that was solely dedicated to childfree travel. I’ve visited 43 countries and sailed 22 cruises. When not traveling, I am Chief Handbag Enthusiast at Disney Dooney & Bourke Guide, a Marvel Comics geek, and mother of two corgis.

I hope you’ll…

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